Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Parkes Companies.

What started as a small construction company back in 1978 has grown to become a diversified group of companies focused on the real estate and construction markets. You may ask why we have extended into the many disciplines you see represented. In 1997, we began to develop a new view of the world. The more services we can provide and the better we understand the total real estate market, the better we can serve our clients. We now provide services for site selection, real estate brokerage, site construction, building construction and real estate development. Providing all of these services puts us in a unique position to fill any and all needs of our clients. On some projects we are only the building or site contractor; on others we provide the full range of services. We present ourselves to our clients as a solution to their needs and allow them to determine where we are needed. The most important factor is what we have learned by being a developer and owner ourselves. We improved our delivery systems by understanding the difficulties faced by owners. We learn from experience and The Parkes Companies has had over three decades to hone its craft.