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Owner of Project
CBRL Group, Inc.
311 Hartman Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087
Architect of Project
Everton Oglesby Askew Architects
400 4th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37201

This 101,000 SF project began as a basic metal warehouse on the Cracker Barrel corporate campus. Architects worked in a design-build partnership with The Parkes Companies to economically and quickly transform this structure into offices and employee training facilities while changing the exterior image of the building to be more compatible with the character of the corporate campus. The scope of work included the addition of a second floor, rebuilding of exterior walls with brick, new hipped roofs, demolition of parts of the building to create an exterior courtyard in the center, and creation of a formal entrance.

Type of Work Performed
  • Industrial
  • Corporate
Brands & Businesses Worked With