Morningside Assisted Living


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Lifetrust America, Inc.
113 Seaboard Lane
Franklin, TN 37067


Morningside Management
Brentwood, TN



Seniors Living clients need cost efficient facilities that are quickly completed to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding market. Also, a high degree of quality is required; not only from the standpoint of finished prodect, but also in the quality  of the basic construction and attention to detail of the special systems required to service the needs of senior living professionals and residents, and meet the approval of the regulatory agencies involved.

Parkes Construction completed three facilities for Lifetrust America in Middle Tennessee. These facilities were smaller markets tailored to meet the needs of the local communities. These facilities are approximately 50 beds with full kitchen and dining facilities.



Completed Locations:

Cleveland, TN $2,000,000
Tullahoma, TN $1,950,000
Franklin, TN $1,950,000